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Enjoy the luxurious experience of our restaurant where a variety of traditional cuisine is cooked.

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Have your meals sitting in the restaurant while luxuriating in the calming breeze. The meals are prepared by the professional 5-star hotel chefs who can cook any traditional Indian food within a short time. Seafood varieties and delicious meals are our specialities. 


Guest Reviews

The restaurant is excellent, clean and attractive. Some of the dishes they served us were really yummy and it was just foodie heaven. I would recommend the resort just for its super delicious dine.
Prajna Divakar


Thank you for the delicious dine! There are many items on the menu that you don’t find in most of the restaurants. And the people who serve there are very attentive and great at suggesting if you can’t decide what to order. The food which ever we ordered had its own unique taste! I’ll definitely come again…

Karan Ponnanna


What you Get

Food Menu

Chinese starters
Chicken Sukka, Kabab
North Indian Cuisines
Arabian Chicken Mandi
Fish Fry
Prawn Pepper Fry
Fried Rice items
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The resort has a corridor running around the building  and a greenery where the resident birds sing for your pleasure day ahead.